15 January 2020

Who's who in the only candidacy standing in the elections of “la Caixa” Fellows’ Association?

On 31 January, the new board that will be at the head of the Association for the next four years will be chosen. We chatted to the members of the only candidacy standing to get to know them a little better and they told us what it means to them to belong to the Fellows´ Association.


Ignacio Domínguez (United States, 2006), Secretary, is Counsel at the American law firm Latham & Watkins. For him, belonging to the Association has been an opportunity to “relive” in Spain the unforgettable experience of being a ”la Caixa” fellow. Indeed, it was those experiences that drove him to actively participate in the new Board and be able to show his gratitude.




Anna Ferré-Mateu (Spain, 2018), Board Member, is currently carrying out her postdoctorate at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona with a “la Caixa” fellowship. “Being part of the community of fellows is the ideal tool for meeting and mixing with other researchers without being limited to my field of research” she states. Her passion for organising events, meetings, etc., encouraged her to participate in the Board, put her work at the disposal of all the fellows and, in turn, learn about many subjects that are generally not accessible; she is convinced that it is a win-win situation.



Ernesto Oyarbide (United Kingdom, 2015), Board Member, has just completed a doctorate in History at the University of Oxford. He specialises in the History of Diplomacy and has closely studied relationships between Spain and England during early modernity. Being able to undertake his doctorate in Oxford “has been a dream come true that would not have been possible without the ”la Caixa” fellowship”. For Ernesto, belonging to this community is about: “Getting to know people at the forefront of their field of study, but who are also curious people with an entrepreneurial spirit and with their sights set high inside and outside of Spain”.


Valle Palomo Ruiz (Spain, 2018), Board Member, is carrying out her postdoctoral research with a “la Caixa” fellowship at the Margarita Salas Biological Research Center of CSIC. For Valle, the Fellows´ Association offers access to a large network of contacts of excellent professionals in a multitude of disciplines. She believes that this candidacy will be dynamic, active, participative and will continue to commit to the connection of the network. She has decided to contribute her help to create new initiatives that support the growth of the entire group of fellows.



Alfonso Sánchez Moya (United Kingdom, 2012), Board Member, is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Government, at Harvard University. His research project is linked to discourse and digital communication. Specifically, he explores aspects relating to new communication platforms and their relationship with socio-political phenomena that define the present. According to Alfonso: “The Fellows´ Association” is a wonderful amalgam of curiosity, stimulation and passion. For him, being part of the Board is about putting himself at the service of a group of courageous people.



Roser Peiró (Germany, 2006), Board Member, is Medical Advisor at the multinational pharmaceutical company Vifor Pharma. With her participation as a member of the Board, she wants to get involved in the new challenges faced by the programme and contribute to the continuity of initiatives that are currently carried out. She believes that the Fellows´ Association is a meeting point between a multitude of professionals with whom to share experiences. And, like her colleagues, she is convinced that this is a list of candidates formed by people with a desire to collaborate in an Association that is balanced in terms of gender, like the previous one.



Rosa Gutiérrez (United Kingdom, 2008), Board Member, is a software engineer and she works on the Security, Infrastructure and Performance team of the American company Basecamp. Although the company is small, it is very well-known for its open source contributions and its contributions to the general culture of software companies. Rosa believes that it is a privilege to belong to the Fellows´ Association as it offers the opportunity to meet people who are as interesting as they are brilliant. That same factor is what led her to become a part of the Board and find out that it also entails personal and professional growth.



Eva Flavia Martínez (United States, 2015), Board Member. She is a doctorate student in the department of Education Policy at Harvard University. She is interested in analysing the potential of schools to become spaces for teaching collaboration focused on the support and continuous improvement of teachers, all aimed at achieving an educational system that is effective and fair for all the students. She feels fortunate for the support that the fellowship offered, and not only for the access to high quality training, but rather for the support and affection of the “family” of fellows she has had in Boston, yet another reason to continue to collaborate.




Pau Bermúdez-Cañete (United States, 1997), Board Member. He is an investor in companies and projects with a social or environmental impact, as a partner in the venture capital firm Suma Capital. He was a member of the previous Board upon his return to Barcelona after twenty years living abroad. He believes that this new group of people combines several generations, diverse disciplines and complementary angles that will help to enrich the Association over the next four years. For Pau, the Fellows´ Association is the best forum for sharing contacts, ideas and discovering new possibilities in all areas of knowledge.



Elena Marbán Castro (Spain, 2017), Board Member, is a predoctoral researcher in the department of Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal). “For me, the Fellows´ Association is an excuse to meet brilliant people. The platform makes it possible to meet professionals from different fields of study. A big family. A group of brilliant people where there is no rivalry. A great networking opportunity” she states. With her contribution, she wants to focus on the youngest generations so that they also feel represented.



Toni Brasó (United States, 2016), Board Member, is part of the strategy team of YouTube (Google). He is convinced that the Fellows´ Association is an extraordinary network of people that makes it possible to create, strengthen their connections and enhance their impact in the world. José Miguel Pulido and Pau Bermúdez-Cañete welcomed him at Stanford (where he carried out an MBA). When he saw the commitment to the Association and the desire of both to promote new initiatives, he didn´t think twice about it and joined this team. He is excited about being able to “give back” a little of everything he received.


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