11 January 2019

The projects proposed by the fellows Natalia Gallego and Mónica Gutiérrez will receive “la Caixa” Foundation funding

In 2018, “la Caixa” Foundation invested 520 million Euros in projects that work to build a fairer society with opportunities for everyone. Thus, a part of this funding is assigned to the territorial organisation of CaixaBank so that these resources reach the people who most need them in each town.

For the first time, €6,000 of the budget for the territory of Madrid was allocated to proposals of the Fellows' Association. Specifically, this amount was allocated, divided equally, to the projects chosen by the fellows Natalia Gallego (Canada, 1999) and Mónica Gutiérrez (Spain, 2015).
Assistance for immigrants
The Santo Padre Rubio Centre, proposed by the fellow Natalia Gallego, is a social project devoted to supporting, serving and defending immigrants. It was created in 2001 and established with the aim of helping immigrants to integrate into society, by providing them with the means to regularise their situation, obtain training and decent employment. This new assistance from “la Caixa” Foundation will make it possible to guarantee the continued presence of a social worker in the centre´s different activities.
You can find out more about this entity here
Building a school collectively and with reused materials
The fellow Mónica Gutiérrez proposed investing the budget in the project Autocoles, by the entity Basurama. This initiative was established with the aim of transforming schools by involving the entire educational community and based on the reuse of materials. This allows pupils to further explore the concept of reuse as a creative means of interacting with waste and it promotes a responsible attitude towards the environment. 
You can find out more about this entity here