20 December 2019

Get to know the new list of candidates for the Board of ”la Caixa” Fellows’ Association

The new year coincides with the renewal of the Board of Directors of “la Caixa” Fellows’ Association. On 31 January, the new board that will be at the head of the Association for the next 4 years will be chosen.

Para estas elecciones se ha presentado una única candidatura integrada por los siguientes becarios:

José Miguel Pulido (United States, 1996). Candidate for Chairperson

Ignacio Domínguez (United States, 2006). Candidate for Secretary

Alfonso Sánchez Moya (United Kingdom, 2012). Candidate for Board Member

Roser Peiró (Germany, 2006). Candidate for Board Member

Valle Palomo Ruiz (Spain, 2018). Candidate for Board Member

Ernesto Oyarbide (United Kingdom, 2015). Candidate for Board Member

Eva Flavia Martínez (United States, 2015). Candidate for Board Member

Elena Marbán Castro (Spain, 2017). Candidate for Board Member

Rosa Gutiérrez (United Kingdom, 2008). Candidate for Board Member

Anna Ferré-Mateu (Spain, 2018). Candidate for Board Member

Toni Brasó (United States, 2016). Candidate for Board Member

Pau Bermúdez-Cañete (United States, 1997). Candidate for Board Member

Do you want to know what their programme is based on?

  • Encourage the transmission and exchange of knowledge within the network of fellows and with society.
  • Promote networking activities to foster relationships among fellows and with top-level professionals.
  • Drive internationalisation by holding activities in cities across the world where there is a critical mass of fellows to increase the visibility of the fellowship and the network worldwide.

In January, we will be publishing different information to get to know the members of this candidacy better, as well as all the details on their programme.