11 July 2019

Fellows Knowledge Day: 10 talks x 10 minutes

Who says that ten minutes isn´t much time?

It is enough to be told about where research into the long duration batteries of the future is going, what flocks of birds and self-driving cars have in common, how works of art are transported, how people cooked in the Neolithic, how Trump is effecting geopolitics in the Middle East, what our brain does while we sleep, how FC Barcelona innovates, how our medical data is used and protected, how virtual reality helps eating disorders and what the secrets behind Bach´s Chaconne are.

On 15 June, the first Fellows Knowledge Day took place. With a TED style conference format, we had ten fellows who are experts in different areas who shared their expertise in ten-minute talks.

A new experience for meeting other ”la Caixa” fellows, discovering the curiosities of different areas of knowledge and, of course, networking.

If you were unable to attend, you have the chance to see how the event took place in this photo gallery.