05 December 2019

An inspiring night at the annual Fellows event

Once again this year, “la Caixa” fellows gathered in Barcelona and Madrid to share an inspiring night.


25 November 2019

Sergio Boixo: a milestone in the quantum era

A few days ago, Google surprised the world by announcing that it had managed to get a quantum computer to do a calculation in a few minutes that would take a conventional machine years. The story included a big name: Sergio Boixo, chief scientist of the Quantum Computing Theory group at Google, and a headline published in all the media outlets, the achievement of quantum supremacy.


11 October 2019

Vall d’Hebron Hospital and “la Caixa” present the Migraine Adaptive Brain Center

Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona and ”la Caixa” Foundation have unveiled the Migraine Adaptive Brain Center, a leading care centre that integrates the research and treatment of people who suffer migraine, the second most disabling illness in neurology.


08 October 2019

Awards ceremony of 2019 Fellowships and Grants for Research and Innovation

Is it possible to use stem cells to regenerate aged organs? How can hybrid materials revolutionise current technology? It is possible to diagnose dementia with a simple blood test? These are just some examples of the questions that will be answered by the researchers who have been recognised in the awards ceremony of 2019 Fellowships and Grants for Research and Innovation.


19 September 2019

Eyes wide open for peace

We commemorate the International Day of Peace with an article by Leire Ariz (United Kingdom, 2014), a journalist at the production company 93 Metros who holds a master’s degree in International Public Policy.