11 October 2019

Vall d’Hebron Hospital and “la Caixa” present the Migraine Adaptive Brain Center

Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona and ”la Caixa” Foundation have unveiled the Migraine Adaptive Brain Center, a leading care centre that integrates the research and treatment of people who suffer migraine, the second most disabling illness in neurology.


08 October 2019

Awards ceremony of 2019 Fellowships and Grants for Research and Innovation

Is it possible to use stem cells to regenerate aged organs? How can hybrid materials revolutionise current technology? It is possible to diagnose dementia with a simple blood test? These are just some examples of the questions that will be answered by the researchers who have been recognised in the awards ceremony of 2019 Fellowships and Grants for Research and Innovation.


19 September 2019

Eyes wide open for peace

We commemorate the International Day of Peace with an article by Leire Ariz (United Kingdom, 2014), a journalist at the production company 93 Metros who holds a master’s degree in International Public Policy.


12 September 2019

“The objective in the field of exoplanets is to find Earth 2.0.”

Rafael Luque (Spain, 2017) wanted to be an archaeologist but an astronomy course he took as a child changed his path. The workshop was for adults and he asked his father to register in order to accompany him, so in the classes it was him asking the questions and he was the first to note down the astronomical observations. “That is where I fell in love”, states Rafael.


03 September 2019

Awards ceremony for undertaking doctoral fellowships in Spain in 2018

On 12 July, CosmoCaixa Barcelona held the ceremony to award "la Caixa” fellowship diplomas for undertaking doctorates in Spanish universities and research centres for the 2018 call for applications.