25 June 2020

Revealing the secrets behind the micro-organisms living inside us

25 May 2020

Understanding humanity through the arts

En tiempos cambiantes, hoy más que nunca, el arte y la cultura tienen un rol fundamental a la hora de entender el mundo en que vivimos. Nos aportan herramientas para reflexionar y cuestionarnos nuestro papel como individuos y también como partes integrantes de un colectivo. Para indagar un poco más en esta cuestión, hemos hablado con tres artistas, becarios de ”la Caixa”, para conocer cómo viven la experiencia artística, qué significa para ellos el arte y por qué creen que es tan importante para los seres humanos.


09 April 2020

One pandemic, multiple perspectives

While China is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after the crisis wrought by the coronavirus, its rapid spread across the rest of the planet has led many countries to take restrictive measures. Travel and business have ground to a halt and the world economy is slowing down. Most seriously of all, many people are still falling sick on a daily basis. To learn more about these different realities and analyse the overall situation, we contacted four members of the ”la Caixa” Fellows Association based at four separate locations across the globe to discover how these unprecedented circumstances are affecting them from their perspective.


26 March 2020

We still have time to implement more tests to halt the panddemic

While many people across Spain were finishing up their first week on lockdown, we spoke to Antoni Plasència, the director of ISGlobal and a renowned epidemiologist. His research centre, the result of an innovative alliance between ”la Caixa” and academic and governmental organisations, has played a pioneering role in creating interdisciplinary teams to provide a 360 response to global healthcare. Research into infectious diseases is one of the main strategic focal points in their work.


19 March 2020

An increasingly connected talent network| Part Two

Two weeks ago, some members of the new Board at the ”la Caixa” Fellows Organisation presented other fellows who they had the chance to meet through this talent network. We’ll be finishing off this two-part article today and finding out some more about new fellows through the rest of the board. Once again, connections between fellows, which come about through the activities organised by the association, underscore the wealth of professional and personal opportunities that nurture our community.