22 July 2019

Fog computing: the future is now

If someone asks what fog computing is during a conversation, it is likely that the rest of the group will be left in silence with questioning faces. On the other hand, if the suggestion is to imagine what cities will be like in one hundred years, there is no doubt that self-driving cars will be the first elements to bring their ideas to the table in the debate.


11 July 2019

Fellows Knowledge Day: 10 talks x 10 minutes

Who says that ten minutes isn´t much time? On 15 June, the first Fellows Knowledge Day took place. With a TED style conference format, we had ten fellows who are experts in different areas who shared their expertise in ten-minute talks.


26 June 2019

Cinema and television: new paradigms

The fellows María Cervera (United States, 2007), member of the Spanish productions team at Netflix; Edmon Roch (United Kingdom, 1992), producer, Ikiru Films; Carlos Marqués-Marcet (United States, 2007), director of Los días que vendrán); Clara Roquet (United States, 2011), scriptwriter of 10.000 km and Carla Simón (United Kingdom, 2010), director of Verano 1993, debated the new paradigms of cinema and television at the last Horizons conference.


06 June 2019

Awards ceremony of 2018 International Fellowships

On 28 May the awards ceremony took place for the one hundred and twenty ”la Caixa” international fellowships for postgraduate studies in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific corresponding to the 2018 call for applications.


02 May 2019

Agreement between “la Caixa” Banking Foundation and CaixaBank

The "la Caixa" Banking Foundation has reached an agreement with CaixaBank through which it will offer special conditions on financial products and services to all "la Caixa" fellows, including: accounts and cards with no maintenance fees, loans for courses under preferential conditions and other innovative financing and investment solutions.