26 March 2020

We still have time to implement more tests to halt the panddemic

While many people across Spain were finishing up their first week on lockdown, we spoke to Antoni Plasència, the director of ISGlobal and a renowned epidemiologist. His research centre, the result of an innovative alliance between ”la Caixa” and academic and governmental organisations, has played a pioneering role in creating interdisciplinary teams to provide a 360 response to global healthcare. Research into infectious diseases is one of the main strategic focal points in their work.


19 March 2020

An increasingly connected talent network| Part Two

Two weeks ago, some members of the new Board at the ”la Caixa” Fellows Organisation presented other fellows who they had the chance to meet through this talent network. We’ll be finishing off this two-part article today and finding out some more about new fellows through the rest of the board. Once again, connections between fellows, which come about through the activities organised by the association, underscore the wealth of professional and personal opportunities that nurture our community.


03 March 2020

An increasingly connected talent network

A new era has begun for the ”la Caixa” Fellows Association. After the elections on 31st January, the new board led by José Miguel Pulido (the United States, 1996) is now rolling out its programme for the next four years. One of its main objectives is summarised by the campaign slogan “Multiplying Network Effects”. And so we spoke to the members of the new board so that they themselves could promote the association by introducing us to other people they have met thanks to being ”la Caixa” fellows. Over two articles, we will share some of their experiences.


“To break the glass ceiling, we need to change the foundations.”

CaixaForum Madrid recently organised an event for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, so we took the opportunity to chat with two of the participants: Isabel Dorado from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Helena Domínguez from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. They both talked about their personal experience in a sphere where women are particularly scarce: fieldwork. Furthermore, Debra Joy Pérez, an expert in policies that promote integrating different collectives in scientific research, shares her vision for the future of women and science.


19 January 2020

“Multiplying network effects”, the objective of the candidacy for the new Board of Directors

On 31 January, the new board that will be at the head of the Association for the next 4 years will be chosen. José Miguel Pulido (United States, 1996) is a candidate for President and explained the main pillars that his program for this new period will be based on.