New afterwork meeting of "la Caixa" Fellows

24 April | 19:00


Did you come to the first afterwork meeting of "la Caixa" fellows in Barcelona? Well, you should come again, because this one will be even better. Did you miss the first one? Well, you’ll have to come up with a really good excuse not to drop by imaginCafé this time.

These meetings are an opportunity to meet and get inspired with other "la Caixa" fellows. To exchange and learn. To share and discover.

Remember that you can come with companions.

The price per person is 5 euros. This includes a drink and a bite to eat.

You’ll have to transfer the corresponding amount to the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation’s account number ES90 2100 0555 3502 0107 2899 specifying your name.

Will you join us?



10 fellows have attended


Calle de Pelayo, 11, 08001 Barcelona